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"Beauty is more than a look, it's a lifestyle - so live BEAUTIFUL."  - Jess

  Jess is a Bay Area (Oakland, CA) native who has worked in the hair & beauty industry since 1998. Raised by her supportive family and a village of mentors and loved ones, who always encouraged her to lead with her heart. With this outlook on life she knew that anything was possible.

   As a receptionist/assistant at a local salon in Oakland, CA, she learned a lot about hair care, hair styling, and business from her Bay Area mentors. She was able to work for 4 years at Heavenly Hands Hair Salon in Oakland, Ca before moving to Southern California for college and to pursue other career goals. Although her passion is hair, she continued her education and excelled scholastically.

After moving to Southern California and while obtaining her B.S. in Business: Human Resources at Cal Poly Pomona, she went on to become a licensed cosmetologist whose number one goal is healthy hair. While working in the educational field and as a hair stylist with Creations Salon & Barbershop in Irvine, CA, Jess went on to complete her MBA: Academic Management from Concordia University, Irvine, which aided in her overall goal of being a business professional who values education and continually learning.

In 2016, Jess relocated back to the Bayarea to start a new, yet familiar chapter, and to continue to pursue her goals and passions near her loved ones. Jess is currently building her business again while working in San Leandro, California, as a hair stylist and corporate professional.

Jess is skilled in all hair styles and textures but specializes in ethnic hair care services (see services). Her passion for business, beauty and continual education is what fuels her professional work ethic as a hairstylist and sets her apart from the rest. Always remember that being a skilled hair stylist is NOTHING without a strong business foundation and customer-centric approach. My goal is to always touch more hearts than hair!



Galatians 6:9-10

Contact Jess @ 510-326-8483

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