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Correct these mistakes!

1. Neglecting Your Body/Hair – If you want healthy hair, you need a healthy body. If you’re stressed out, not getting enough sleep, eating junk food, or not exercising, it’s going to show through your hair. Stress can weaken the hair fiber, even causing it to fall out. If you have dry hair/scalp and don't do ANYTHING at home, it will stay dry...

2. Using Dirty Brushes – Dirty brushes are breeding grounds for germs and residue; things you don’t want in your hair. Once a month, clean out your brushes and combs. Start by peeling the old hair out and discarding the dirty hair ball. Next, wash your brushes using a small amount of shampoo or soap and rinse well with water.

3. Brushing Wet Hair – Speaking of brushes, using one when your hair is wet makes it easy for strands to snag and break. Switch your paddle brush out for a wide-tooth comb when you’re detangling. Use a wide-tooth comb and spray the hair with a detangler to allow your strands to easily slip through.

4. Over Blow Drying – No surprises here, heat causes damage. Blow drying removes moisture from your hair, which can cause it to become dry and brittle. Ideally, you should allow your hair to air dry several times a week, but this isn’t a realistic option for everyone. You can mitigate the damage by using a heat protector spray and not drying your hair when it’s dripping wet.

5. Turning Up the Heat – Flat irons and curling irons damage the hair in a different way. A hot iron can cause the edges of the hair cuticle to crack, which leads to breakage and split ends. Some irons can heat up to 400 degrees, which can seriously damage the hair! Turn down the heat setting to no higher than 350 degrees and do not use it on wet hair.

6. Washing Every Day – Not all hair textures require daily shampooing. Shampooing every day can strip your hair of natural beneficial oils. Shampoo WEEKLY (at salon or at home) with hydrating shampoo, conditioner and leave-in... A MUST!

7. Waiting Too Long Between Cuts – The only way to stop a split end is too cut it off. Picking your split ends will cause the hair to split up the hair shaft, making it even worse. To keep your hair looking healthy, you should trim your hair regularly, every six to eight weeks. Removing split ends will keep your hair healthy and growing strong.

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